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The Entrenched Historian

Medievalists do it in dungeons

La Bella Emilia
22 October
Orlando moodtheme done by marvelgirl, Gone with the Wind and Labyrinth themes done by girlfromsouth, cat theme from zaneetas, 10th kingdom theme by domacatrix my page layout done by ruthenia_alba

A few of my icons I don't know where they came from. If they're yours, PLEASE tell me and I'll credit you. Thanks.

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Date Created:2002-07-16
Number of Posts: 1,039

Emisi is an easygoing, quiet sort of Caucasian. She likes sleeping, reading, and making sharply ironic comments, including in her livejournal entries. She also likes to cook, hates to clean, and likes cats.
Strengths: Cheerful, generally calm, kind, considered a good cook by many, can write a 3,000 word essay in less than 3 hours.
Weaknesses: Fiery temper when pissed off, lazy, tends to procrastinate terribly.
Special Skills: Knows how to use kitchen knives with great skill, good mediator.
Weapons: Kitchen knives, long nails and a bad temper. Insults do double damage.
Allies: Several attack cats. Has allied with the Tribe of Squirrel.

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I use a lot of resources to make icons. I have stuff by oh_pants inexorablyhere lovetheories js crazy_perfume blimey_iconsdrave dearest sunshinii pfefferminzchen tragic_icons cosmo_mouse hotoko girl_a xenylamine dojie inxsomniax dark_soul_lost lafemmetigre alaskanicons dearest dragong crazy_perfume stickywicket joli_papier endlessdeep vainsilhouette a_fallenstar jeweledicecream saturness disappearicons metrosex _jonikamino and miggy. Some I forgot to note their creator, so if you recognize a brush that's yours, please tell me. I'll credit you right away.

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